Welcome to Your Boulder Abode!

I began renting to Rolfing students after many years as a student both in the United States and abroad. I lived in great places and horrible places, and know what a difference that can make to one’s ability to focus and learn. I have created spaces that students can come and feel facilitated and supported, have space to do their own thing, and can interact with each other during this process. Instead of being alone in a rental situation there are other students also renting here, sometimes from the same phase, sometimes different phases but all interested in the same “Work”. At times folks may share meals, go for hikes, spend time doing things together in Boulder and then other times each spend time on their own, studying, being quiet, doing yoga, reading etc. The house works really well for both those options. The individuals who come and stay here can create a rhythm that is natural to them.

The MacArthur House

This is a centrally located, completely renovated, sunny and clean home. The common areas are shared and there is a massage room that is also available to students staying here. Please do the picture tour to help you get a sense of the accommodations.

All the appliances are energy efficient star rated. The kitchen has a gas range, a microwave, dishwasher, blender, toaster oven, coffee maker, tea kettle, rice cooker, and all the cutlery, pots and pans and other cooking a baking tools you will need. There is space in the refrigerator and cabinets assigned to each person staying here. There is a gas barbecue available as well.

The linens and towels are provided, for your bedroom, bath and the massage room. High quality 100% cotton sheets for the summer and 100% brushed cotton flannel sheets for the winters. Each bed has a combination of different types of pillows and depending on the room there are feather duvets, quilts, blankets and throws for just the right combination of weight and warmth to each person’s liking. Each room has a place to sit and study as well as storage space for personal belongings, clothes and books.

Each student is responsible for their own paper products while staying here, such as toilet paper, paper towels. We share purchasing dish soap and garbage bags. There is alternating pickups of our composting and recycling with the trash that is picked up each week. There are two decks that create wonderful outdoor space as well.

There is ample parking on the street to the side of the house and bikes available.

The Williams Fork Trail House

This three-bedroom, two bath, sunny condo, with all new furniture, and remodeled kitchen and baths is conveniently located! The Williams Fork Trail House is located 1 minute from the school, less than .1 miles if walking through the opening in the property fence to reach the school parking lot.

We have been renting to Rolfing students for over 20 years and have many students return to our MacArthur Drive property for all their phases. We recently purchased this apartment and hope it will add a close no-commute option for students attending the Rolfing program.

The living room with its balcony, dining area and kitchen are shared spaces. There is a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster, blender and other helpful tools. Pots and pans, dishes, mugs etc. are provided. The cabinet space is divided into shared storage and individual storage identified by rooms A, B, and C. The refrigerator and freezer are also divided and labeled for easy identification and storage. There is a sideboard with baskets for each person as well. There is a front hall closet for coats, which also has the vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, broom and dust mop as well as a short ladder for changing lightbulbs when needed.

There is a closet at the end of the hall. Extra household items are kept there, for example towels to use with the pool (two for each bedroom) light bulbs, cleaning supplies etc. Please ask us if there is anything you need

Monthly rates vary for each room, and are available for couples to rent for an additional monthly fee.

Please let us know about any animal allergies!


My wife and I stayed with Megan for a total of 11 weeks. Our schedule was such that I arrived about six weeks before my wife, and Megan was very fair and accommodating in negotiating our lease around our situation. When meeting Megan, it's immediately clear she enjoys hosting people in her home. Her mentality, as she'll tell you, is that she can learn from the different people who rent from her, and this translates to an openness and even enthusiasm for her guests. She's wonderful about providing ample storage space in the kitchen cupboards and refrigerator as well as use of any of the cookware, appliances, and washer/dryer. You never feel like you're in the way or invading space and if you feel sociable you're likely to enjoy some satisfying conversation! The house is very clean, bright, and comfortable, and having two patios to enjoy the Boulder days and nights is an added bonus. Megan also goes above and beyond most renters in that she provides use of bicycles and plenty of guidance on getting around town. On the first day I landed, she even offered to let me accompany her to the grocery store so I could buy what I needed for the week. Anytime we're in Boulder looking for a place to stay, you can be certain the first person we'll call is Megan. 

- Brent and Mónica

I stayed with Megan throughout my Rolfing training (six months in total) and found it was the perfect environment to support my learning. Megan has a lot of experience in hosting people, she has everything arranged to make it easy to share the space from day 1. Megan invites in exclusively bodywork/healing/theater/clown students; I really appreciated being in a space where I could share with others going through training, as well as being able to talk to her about what I was going through. When you want to be with people and vent you can, but also everyone’s need for space is respected. The accommodations are comfortable and the location can’t be beat, right on the trail to downtown Boulder (40 minutes walking or 10-15 minutes on a bike) and right on the bus line. It’s close to grocery stores (Safeway, King Soupers, Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage) as well as Colorado Athletic Center and the Y gyms – even without a car everything is very accessible – with a car only 10 minutes to get to hiking in the foothills and downtown, that can’t be beat! I highly recommend Megan’s place!

- Anne Golla, District Rolfing, Washington DC.

My wife and I had the pleasure of staying with Megan in her home for a few months in the summer. The experience was incredible. Not only is she one of the kindest and most gracious hosts we have ever met, but the home is absolutely gorgeous. You could tell she put a lot of work and soul into every corner of the home. It is clean, well-kept, and has such a beautiful spirit that permeates the whole place. We rented her downstairs dual room setup and it was a perfect spot for us as my wife was away during the day, and I used the extra room for music and remote work. The neighborhood is breathtaking, and being so close to downtown boulder is awesome. Everything about the place, from the fully equipped kitchen, shaded lawn and the beautiful outdoor nooks, made us truly feel like we were at home.

- Steven

I lived at Megan's place for 2 months in 2015 and I had a great time. The North Room was very confortable and the kitchen+laundry spaces were well organized. I felt at ease there and I really enjoyed the talks I had with Megan. Plus, she has an awesome laugh. If I come back to Boulder, I will definitely ask her if she has a room for me.

- Elise

I had the joy of staying with Megan for all three of my Rolfing SI phases, forming a close relationship with both herself and her pup, Beethoven. The house has just been renovated, and includes a great kitchen, bathrooms, and living rooms. Megan is very kind and treats you like family, ensuring that all her guests are comfortable, creating an environment that makes you feel at home. I enjoyed borrowing the bikes to ride into town, a 25 mins ride to Pearl Street. I enjoyed sharing time with other roommates, making dinners together, watching movies, and sharing stories. I would highly recommend staying at Your Boulder Abode!

- Joel Cosman
Certified Rolfer