Orientation to Boulder

Boulder has bike paths running through most of it. These can be accessed here at the intersection of Foothills and Arapahoe. Stay on the south side of the intersection heading West, and this path will take you to downtown Boulder and the mountains beyond. Cross the intersection going north and this path will go east passing a small pond and beyond. Public transportation can be accessed at our intersection of MacArthur and Arapahoe. There is a bus stop on this side of the street for eastern destinations and across the street for western destinations. Boulder streets go down in number as you head west.

Grocery stores
King Soopers is just down Arapahoe where 30th intersects it. In this shopping center there is a Starbucks coffee, JambaJuice, Thai restaurant, Chinese (very good), an Italian restaurant and a bagel shop- Moe’s. The grocery store has natural food sections and organics, as well as a pharmacy and normal goods. There are also four health food stores, which are located as follows: Whole Foods and The Vitamin Cottage are located between 28th and 30th on Pearl Street; Alfalfa’s is located at the intersection of Arapahoe and Broadway (Just west of 13th ), and Traders Joe’s (Walnut and 28th Street).

The Dushanbe Tea House is a wonderful place to have tea or meet with friends for a meal or to study. It is on 13th and Arapahoe. This street is also where they hold the Farmer’s Market between May and November on Saturday from 7:00 to 2:00 and on Wednesday afternoons.

Boulder’s walking mall is on Pearl St. between 10th and 15th with many shops and restaurants extending beyond the walking mall portion from about 6th and to 20th and Pearl. There is a bike rental shop on 9th and Pearl. 29th Street Mall is between 30th and 28th just north of Arapahoe. The mall has a movie theater as well as many great restaurants.

Baseline road runs parallel to Arapahoe and Pearl, heading east-west. Take Foothills south to Baseline. Turn left and at 55th Street make a right and follow the road all the way to its end. East Boulder Recreation Center is here, with plenty of exercise options and a great pool. If you stay on Baseline passing 55th there is a trail with dirt and paved portions that has a trailhead just before the road T’s at Cherryvale intersection. This trail head is called South Boulder Creek and Bobilink trail. The trail is six miles round trip.

To get to the Mountains for some other great trails, at Baseline turn right heading west and take this road all the way up into the low numbers again. Around 9th and Baseline on your left you will see a park and some older buildings and multiple trails heading off into the hills. This is called Chautauqua Park and there is a great restaurant here that you can sit on the porch and look out over the scenery. If you keep driving on Baseline you will end up at the top of Flagstaff Mountain, with some more trails and great views.