Common Areas

The living room with its balcony, dining area and kitchen are shared spaces. There is a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker, tea kettle, toaster, blender and other helpful tools. Pots and pans, dishes, mugs etc. are provided. The cabinet space is divided into shared storage and individual storage identified by rooms A, B, and C. The refrigerator and freezer are also divided and labeled for easy identification and storage. There is a sideboard with baskets for each person as well. There is a front hall closet for coats, which also has the vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, broom and dust mop as well as a short ladder for changing lightbulbs when needed.

There is a closet at the end of the hall. Extra household items are kept there, for example towels to use with the pool (two for each bedroom) light bulbs, cleaning supplies etc. Please ask us if there is anything you need

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